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Welcome to Oxygenie.com - Oxywash Your Fresh Produce!


Activated Oxygen & Food - Informational Video
Remove Pesticides. Eliminate Bacteria & Antibiotics
Ozonate Drinking Water

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Play Time: 21 minutes

The Oxygenie Food Sterilizer is the only kitchen home appliance on the market today that completely saturates fruits, vegetables and meats with activated oxygen. This results in the effective sterilization of foods.


$534.00 Shipped - U.S.

For more information, view the Oxywasher's online manual, or explore our activated oxygen and ozone research center.




Food Sterilizer - Kitchen Home Appliance

Oxygenie 2009 Food Sanitizer Manual

Activated Oxygen and Ozone Research Center

We are currently accepting retail and distributor inquiries. Please us for further details.


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