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Oxygen and Ozone Research Center

Research Articles: Ozone and Activated Oxygen

FDA Approval of Ozone (CAS Reg. No. 10028-15-6) for use in food processing and as a secondary food additive - The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has approved the use of ozone as a seconary food additive. Ozone may therefore be used in the treatment, storage, and processing of foods, including meat and poultry.

Effects of Ozone on Food: Meat and Vegetables - This is an extremely fascinating look at the effect of ozone on foods. The laboratory testing done by these I.O.A. members in Indonesia demonstrates that antibiotics and pesticides are removed by ozonating food in water, and that the shelf life of vegetables may be extended via ozonation.

The Story of Ozone - Dr. Saul Pressman's landmark mini-book on the history of ozone.


Abstracts and News Releases

Ozone Technologies for Fresh-cut Produce - Abstract and news releases, Liangj Xu, PhD., and Armand Paradis, MS.


Research Articles: Food and Water - Quality and Contamination

Food Safety and Organic Products - The Organic Trade Association's advice on organic food safety, including food handling and storage.


Antibiotics Abused in Agriculture - The OTA on the abuse of antibiotics in agriculture. This article documents the growing concerns with non-organic food quality, and truly emphasizes the need for technologies such as ozone for decontaminating food supplies.


Pesticide Contamination: Toxic Chemical Loads in Foods - This article examines data collected by the U.S. Department of of Agriculture's Pesticide Data Program (PDP). The article examines the relative amounts and toxicity of pesticide residues in foods. The report analyzes data on over 27,000 food samples tested by the PDP in 1994-97. Review this report to gain an understanding of the toxicity of foods due to chemical and pesticide contamination.


Pesticides in Children's Foods - This article is an update to the 1999 report ( above ), and focuses on pesticide contamination of foods children eat.

Research Articles: Environmental Toxicity


Neural Sensitization: the Medical Key to Treatment - "Neural sensitization is thus associated with self-perpetuating neuroexcitation and excessive response to further chemical exposure..." "...This vicious cycle MUST therefore be interrupted to the maximum extent feasible. Because the resulting symptoms of sensitization are warnings that other more silent toxic-induced organ damage of the liver, pancreas, immune system, adrenals, mitochondria and other organs can be also occurring..." This landmark research article by Dr. Grace Ziem truly highlights the importance of reducing environmental chemical exposure with technologies such as ozone.


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