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The Power of Activated Oxygen
Ozone Research: History and Medical Uses

The Story of Ozone1

History of Ozone Use & Technologies by Saul Pressman


Dr. Saul Pressman holds the degree of Doctor of Chiropathy from the Romano Byzantine College of Norfolk, Virginia. He is licensed by the Romano Byzantine Synod to teach the Ozone Hyperthermic Technician Course, which is accredited by the College.

The Story of Ozone
Chapter Links

The History of Medical Ozone

Types of Ozone Generators

Ozone Concentration

Ozone and Magnets; Ozone for Prevention

Ozone Therapy Protocols

The Importance of CT Value & Ozonated Water

Ozonating the Lymph, Breathing Ozone, Nature's Gift

Dosage and Frequency

Methods of Application


The Healing Crisis & Collateral Therapies

Superoxygenation for Health & The Cause of Disease

Confirmation of Dr. Warburg's Work and Prevention of Cancer

What Does Ozone Do? How Does Ozone Work Biochemically?

Vaccination or Ozone?

Infection Theories Contrasted, Flax Oil, & Oxygen Therapies

Ozone Benefits for Athletes & Free Radicals

Ozone Has Been Used to Treat & Using Ozone in the Home



Bibliography and References

1This version of the Story of Ozone was Compiled on July 27, 2006. It was written by Dr. Saul Pressman of Plasmafire International. Any greyed text that includes a popup info message is not a part of the original text; these are our comments, and should not be erroneously attributed to Dr. Pressman.


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